Orbita E3141 Hotel Door Lock System

Orbita E3141 Hotel Door Lock System
Orbita E3141 Hotel Door Lock System Orbita E3141 Hotel Door Lock System
Access Control 15 Mar 2021 by Monisha

Orbita E3141 Hotel Door Lock System

Concept Technologies LLC Muscat  provide our customers with the most advanced electronic locking solutions for hotels including the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking innovation, just as a scope of imaginative and stylish electronics inn locks.

Concept Technologies LLC Muscat accept that our outline of the most well-known Hotel Door Locking frameworks will be useful while settling on your choice. However, regardless of what you pick, it tends to be totally viable with our Hotel Management Software. It will assist you with taking care of room access effectively, all the while increasing the value of your rooms and strikingly upgrading visitor experience.

Hotel Door Locks., How to Choose the Best One:

Security has consistently assumed a significant part in our industry. However, a conventional security lock has a weak area, which is – the key. On the off chance that it is lost, the locater can undoubtedly gain admittance to your lodging. Besides, lock substitution is costly and requires some investment. Receiving further developed advances may assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from such issues.

Nowadays, electronic door locks, additionally called electric, are broadly utilized in hotels as a reasonable other option. You can open them with a PIN, a chip card, fingerprint, or application. The utilization of electronic locking frameworks is getting progressively well known in the hotel business. On the off chance that you intend to put resources into another answer for your business, in this article you will track down some valuable tips that may assist you with settling on the correct choice.

Product Description


Orbita E3141 hotel door lock system how it works


Key Features:  Waterproof Function, Good Performance Under Hyperthermia and Humid Environment

Material: 304 Stainless Steel Moisture Proof Fire Retardant

Certificates: CE FCC BHMA (American army standard unlock last more than 800,000 times circles)

External Panel Dimension: L290*W60*H34mm

Keycard Options: 125khz Temic card, 13.56 MHz M 1/MF card RFID card

PMS system: Interface with most of the PMS systems, Fidelio/ Opera registered

Opening Records: 240pcs

Door Thickness Range: 32-60mm

Color Optional: Silver, Gold (PVD)

Application: Star/economic hotel, resort, apartment, dormitory, motel cruise, ship etc.

Life Span- About 10 to 15 Years.


Quick Details:

Brand Name: ORBITA

Model Number: E3141

Product name: Orbita E3141 hotel door lock system how it works

Material: 304 stainless steel, moisture proof, fire retardant

Mortise: ANSI Standard

Certificate: CE, FCC, BHMA, ISO, Fidelio /Opera PMS

        Finish: Silver Stainless Steel Wire Drawing

Card option: RFID, MI, MF1K/ S50 card, TEMIC

        Size: 290mm*60mm*34mm

Door thickness: 30~60mm

        Application: Star hotel, apartment/flat, residential, motel, dormitory, cruise ship


Key Benefits:

Ø  Provides security

Ø  Cost-effective

Ø  Cardholder tracking

Ø  Automatic deactivation of lost cards

Ø  Automatic key cancellation after checkout



Ø  Interface with most of the PMS system, Fidelio/Opera registered

Ø  CE & FCC Certified

Ø  Stainless steel color lasts more than 10 years

Ø  ANSI Standard mortise

Ø  Inside Deadbolt, inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt

Ø  Mifare 1K card, compatible with Mifare Energy Saver

Ø  Lost Guest Card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function

Ø  Multiple operators with different card issuing authorization

Ø  Low battery voltage warning. (Lower than 3.5V).

Ø  Self-Error detecting with “Beep”

Ø  Passage Model function available

Ø  Can be integrated with 16 public areas such as Lift/Parking/Swimming Pool/Sauna Room/Tennis Court/Gym...etc.


 The Types of Locking Systems

A lot of things should be considered before you select a specific type of lock. For example, you ought to know that some of them need access to a stable Wi-Fi connection with work. Anyways, with this kind of framework, you will actually want to oversee it any place you are!

Today, there is a plenty of choices available on the market, which can be disconcerting. However, to settle on your decision simpler, we have gathered significant data on the most well-known choices in the lodging business for now. Before revealing the benefits and inconveniences of various types of locking frameworks, we will focus on their overall attributes.

In the first place, they fall into three classifications: mechanical, mechatronic, and totally electronic.

1.    Mechanical Door Locks:

This form consolidates mechanical and electronic segments. The primary pieces of this framework are the locking chambers in addition to programmable keys, special devices  for programming, the administration programming, and so on..

There are a few benefits are follows:


Ø  Higher flexibility compared to mechanical-only solutions

Ø  Easy entry permission settings adjustment

Ø  Rapid installation with a possibility of further retrofitting

Ø  A possibility to grant lock access for a defined period

Ø   A possibility to program the replacement keys if needed

2.    Electronic (Or Digital) Locking Systems:

Electronic locks are the most imaginative alternatives accessible. To work, this sort of locking framework needs power. There should be a steady wellspring of energy, and subsequently, you need to introduce a link also. Advanced frameworks are convenient and give a wide scope of capacities and highlights – for instance, you may set a particular time for the way to bolt and open naturally. Nowadays, you can even or utilize your cell phone to open the entryway by means of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!

Here are several kinds of electronic locks, that you should know about:

a)   The RFID Locking System:

RFID means 'radio-recurrence recognizable proof', which implies acknowledgment through electromagnetic waves. The contactless transmitter-recipient framework recognizes items and individuals by utilizing radio waves. It tends to be joined with an electronic entryway lock. For this situation, a unique chip should be modified and incorporated into a little transponder*, put on the entryway. The approval check is performed by the information move by means of the radio recurrence. Contingent upon the supplier, the visitor's transponder can seem as though a key dandy, card, exceptional wristband, etc.


b)  Code Lock with Pin:

This sort of locks can be opened with a right arrangement of digits, entered on a keypad or touchpad. The info field is normally appended to a divider at a limit of 50 cm from the code lock. Among other helpful highlights, the product permits recording the hour of access. Contrasted with the touchpads, keypads are sprinkle confirmation, have a more modest surface zone, and accordingly are less helpless.

c)   Lock with a Chip Card:

Electric entryway locks with a sensor and a chip card are incredibly famous with hoteliers. Most importantly, they can be effectively reconstructed too. Another factor that makes them appealingly advantageous is the convenience for the two visitors and lodging workers.

d)  The Lock with a Smartphone Control:

The locking framework with a cell phone application control is still generally new. It permits clients to go into the room or condo utilizing Bluetooth innovation or Wi-Fi. Their prospects and capacities are interminable! For instance, you can altogether improve client experience by joining the Mobile Check-In alternative with a likelihood to open the entryway with a cell phone.



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