Fully Integrated Solar Communication Pole

Full Integrated Solar Communication Pole
Inverter/Solar System 19 Oct 2021 by Monisha

Fully Integrated Solar Communication Pole

The Concept Technologies LLC Muscat is committed to deliver always-on-reliable enterprise scale wireless infrastructure for Voice, Data and Video traffic and impervious to interference and harsh environmental conditions from -20° to +80°.

The Concept enterprise scale wireless solutions are robust, feature rich and cost effective. It can be easily scaled /upgraded to all future requirements of any organization. The resilient products provide Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Any Point to Any Point Enterprise WAN connectivity used for enhancement of Public Safety Networks, secure long distance Enterprise connectivity between multiple locations. Organizations such as Governments, SME, Oil Fields, Defense, Telecom & Wireless Internet Service Providers, Schools, College Campus, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Coffee Shops, Warehouse etc, can be connected over wireless to their center database for increase efficiency. Concept technology is leading last mile solutions provider using OFDM based 802.11a/g, 802.11-N and 802.16 Wi-maxtechnologies to suit the most harsh environment and capable of delivering long distance Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point networks.

Enterprises Wireless Connectivity


Communication over IP (data networking) for high-speed Voice, Data & Video has become major part of today’s business. Seamless wireless connectivity across the enterprise has always been a feather to any organization which allows real time connectivity and usage from centralized database. It has attracted more focus and are very much in demand even during recession time to protect each cent of an organization and retain the profit growth rate.


Our Solution are:

·       Extreme smart, comprehensive and cost effective.

·       Fully customized design for best efficiency even in harsh

environmental conditions.

·       Enterprise outdoor long-distance Point to Point and Point to

Multi-Point connectivity.

·       Enterprise Wi-Fi solution for Villas, Hotels, Institutes, Hospitals,

ISP’s, SMB etc.

·        Solar power solutions to back remote installations.


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