Networking - Types and Advantages

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Networking is the information interchange between the individuals, groups or organisation. It also allows to access and share the information from one computer to others.

1. Wired network 

  • Network communication through wired cables
  • Data transfer in light or electric pulse form through wired cable and it encoded inform of binary data(0 or 1 ) 
2. Wireless network

  • Network communication without wired cables
  • We make use of network towers for data transfer and the form of networking is radio frequency signal
  • Single networking tower will perform its networking communication around 3 to 4 km

3. VPN(Virtual Private Network)

  • VPN is used to hide your IP address. VPNs are often used to guard against hackers and snoops on public networks.
  • VPN is used to hide the online activity

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The computer network has mainly 4 types
1.  LAN(Local Area Network)
2.  PAN(Personal Area Network)
3.  MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
4. WAN(Wide Area Network) 

Here are some of the significant advantages of networking 

1. Great shareable platform
2. Portable connection to computer networks
3. Good collaboration - multiple users can login into a platform at the same time remotely from world wide
4. To access the data or information stored on other computers on the network
5. For facilitating the communication